Experienced martial artist and instructor with a passion for teaching. Dedicated to helping students develop confidence, self-discipline, and leadership skills through martial arts training.

Instructor Background

About Me

School Director

  • 6th Degree Black Belt NK Academy of Martial Arts

  • 6th Degree Black Belt American Karate Association

  • 4th Degree Black Belt United Karate

  • 1st Degree Black Belt WT TKD

  • Student of the Year 1992

  • National Karate Demo Team 1991-1994

  • Instructor of the Year 1995-1996

Competition Highlights
  • Competitor of the Year 1991-1992

  • Member Team United 1995-1996

  • Member Team Side Kick International 1997-1998

  • Member Team USA 2023

  • NASKA 3-time World Champion, 4-time National Champion 2023

  • Member Team AKA 2024

Recent Projects

man in white jersey shirt and pants
man in white jersey shirt and pants


Developed and implemented a comprehensive martial arts curriculum for students of all ages and skill levels. Created a safe and inclusive training environment that fosters personal growth and achievement.

man wearing white karati gi
man wearing white karati gi


Organized and hosted successful martial arts tournaments, bringing together students from different schools and promoting friendly competition. Received numerous awards and recognition for outstanding teaching and leadership.

man wearing white karati gi
man wearing white karati gi

Community Involvement

Volunteered at local community events and fundraisers, providing self-defense demonstrations and interactive martial arts workshops. Collaborated with other martial arts schools to organize charity events for various causes.